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aHa! 1 Way XLS add-in 

Meet more efficiently by generating Excel tasklist from your mindmap
The aHa!1Way XLS add-in exports Mindjet’s task information into task lists in Microsoft Excel while maintaining the hierarchic structure of your map.
Because the aHa!1Way XLS add-in maintains the hierarchic structure of your map and color codes every unique resource you will get a quick overview of your tasks. This add-in is great to quickly generate action lists based on meeting minute maps so that each of the participants knows what to do after the meeting. Another great application for the aHa!1Way XLS add-in is to use Mindjet for your time management in your personal dashboard and export all of your tasks to a simple to do list. Many of our clients also use this add-in to generate to do lists for all the members of simple projects or after a brainstorm.

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aHa! 2 Way XLS add-in 

The best way to create an Excel Gantt chart from your mindmap
The aHa!2WayXLS add-in for project planning is an effective method to export your project and task information from Mindjet to Microsoft Excel while maintaining its hierarchical structure and visualizing your project in the form of a Gantt chart. Using a two-way link between Microsoft Excel and Mindjet an user can fine-tune the planning in one session in Microsoft Excel and synchronize the changes with Mindjet. There is no need for any additional software if the user has a Microsoft Excel and a Mindjet license. 

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aHa! Matrix export 

Generate a matrix management report with exception reporting from your mindmap 
The aHa!Matrix export automatically generates a simple matrix view of the information of your Mindjet maps. The hierarchical structure of your map creates rows, columns and cells in the matrix. The notes of the topics in your map are transferred to the corresponding cells in the matrix including hyperlinks. The color of your branche will become the color of your cell. These HTML matrices can be used every map you would like to (also) see as a matrix or process flow. 
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aHa! Visual web export 

The best knowledge management solution for Mindjet users! 
The aHa!Visual web export allows you to publish the results of a brainstorm, meeting, project-dashboard or a strategy session in the same visual format the participants saw on the beamer when they left the conferencing room. The aHa!Visual web export takes the mindmap and automatically generates a HTML version of it including links, notes, attachments (which become downloadable), colors, images, icons and so on. The visual aspect of this ‘web export template’ allows easy navigation from branch to branch. A special feature for ‘multimap exports’ allows the navigation to span across all maps – a feature not found in any other web export template. 
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aHa! Word2Map 

Save ridiculous amounts of time preparing and writing documents! 
The aHa!Word2Map add-in allows you to quickly generate a mind map structure out of a word document by just scanning en clicking with your mouse. You just select keywords by highlighting them with your mouse. The next step is to decide if you want them to be a main or subtopic in the mind map structure. You can also select part of your text and link them to a main or subtopic so they will appear in the notes of the branch of your mind map.
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aHa! XLS import 

Use Excel to get data from your peers and transform them to mindmaps. 
The aHa!XLS import allows you to import Microsoft Excel data into Mindjet,converting the rows, columns and cell data, such as comments, in to a structured map.
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